Why Partner with A Federal Set-Aside VOSB?

Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB) like SGMS USA are a part of a federal set-aside category that make them a priority distributor to government agencies. By law, government agencies must attribute a certain percentage of their purchasing from federal set-asides. Agencies are also incentivized to buy from set-asides by a rating system.

Partnering with a VOSB:

  • Enables access to the federal marketplace
  • Accelerates the contracting process
  • Increases your chances of winning contracts
  • Reduces competition

SGMS USA is owned and operated by a Veteran, with over 22 years of combined military service. SGMS USA understands the needs of our country’s Veterans Health Administrations and we work every day to serve them.

Benefits Of Partnering With VOSB

VOSBs are given important preferences in government purchasing. The most significant of these preferences is at the Department of Veterans Affairs: the VA must set aside work for VOSBs and award VOSBs sole-source contracts. In 2019, the government aimed to award 3% of prime contracts to VOSBs. The government surpassed that goal in Fiscal Year 2019 and awarded 4.39% of all contracts to VOSB organizations. These contracts were worth more than $22 billion. Other benefits include:

  • Contracts: reduced administrative and contracting effort for quicker awards
  • Bids: Stackable and targeted bids are allowed
  • Exposure: Enables access to federal set-aside portion of the federal budget
  • Incentives: Corporate tax incentives reduce tax liabilities for companies partnering with VOSBs

Our Services

SGMS USA’s comprehensive services can be designed to suit your needs. We offer in-house customer service, contract management, salesforce advisement, and consulting. Learn more about our capabilities.

SGMS USA is always looking for opportunities to bring high quality essential and/or innovative medical/surgical supplies to the federal government. Please contact us for more information or to inquire about getting your products into the federal space.



  • Multi-line suite of services and solutions to meet your needs
  • Registered vendor at multiple government facilities and growing
  • Preferred status as a VOSB to provide priority for winning government contracts and sales
  • Over 50 years of combined professional (military and health care) experience
  • Management of government contracts is included
  • Monitor compliance and procurement changes


  • We fast-track your access to government sales
  • We partner with you to maximize profits through strategic planning
  • We are the vendor for your products to all federal agencies (VA, FSS, DLA, IHS, etc.)
  • We help government agencies meet their purchase requirements through our VOSB status
  • We scout for opportunities in government awards systems and place bids on your behalf
  • We provide white glove customer service for all parties


As a small business, SGMS USA provides flexibility and ease of operation. We are nimble and responsive and can make quick modifications both in the proposal phase and throughout implementation. With less red-tape and a smaller leadership structure, you benefit from a more responsive and better experience.

SGMS USA monitors the latest updates in government contracting and compliance. SGMS USA will help you streamline and simplify government sales.