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Gov Contracting

I want to partner with a VOSB that will help me win government contracts.


I want to list my products on FSS, GSA Advantage and ECAT.


I want to partner with experienced professionals in Medical Sales and Clinical Practice Management.


I’m looking for something else.



Earning federal contracts and working with the government takes effort and investment.  SGMS USA streamlines and simplifies the government contracting experience for both you and the government buyer.

We serve the medical facilities of the Department of Defense (DoD) Military Health System and Veterans Health Administration (VHA, VA), with a growing suite of medical and surgical solutions.  SGMS USA also utilizes its Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) status as priority access to opportunities for federal government contracts.

Partnering with a VOSB increases your chance of success through a preferred contracting status that limits the competition.


Opportunities, Bids and Negotiations

  • We scout for opportunities and bid on your behalf
  • SGMS USA has experienced staff in negotiating prices and contract terms with the federal government

VOSB Federal Set-Aside Advantage

  • Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSBs) have priority procurement preference in contract awards
  • According to federal law, over 20% of government contracts must be awarded to federal set-asides



Medical-Surgical Devices and Supplies and Sales

We partner only with companies that provide the most innovative products on the market.

SGMS USA is a preferred vendor at many government agencies and Veteran’s Health Administrations. When you trust SGMS USA to be your government vendor, you can count on our in-house customer service team to give government purchasers the best possible purchasing experience.

When you partner with SGMS USA, we quickly develop a marketing plan with you to determine the most efficient propagation of your product throughout the federal system.  This may include listing your products on appropriate contract vehicles such as FSS, GSA Advantage, and ECAT. Our approach maximizes opportunities for sales, provides your brand increased credibility, and can allow the federal government easier purchasing methods for your products.


We have the ability to list your products under our government schedules and contract vehicles

  • We determine which vehicles your products are eligible for
  • Our status grants you fast track access to FSS, GSA Advantage, and ECAT

White Glove Customer Service

  • We are the vendor and customer service representative to the federal government
  • We are your translator, understanding the many nuances and procedures of the federal government purchasing system

Order Management

  • We receive and process the purchase orders
  • We invoice and collect from the purchasing agency
  • We coordinate returns according to your company’s policies



Professional Consulting and Optimization

With over 50 years combined experience, our team can help grow your government business into your most profitable sector.

SGMS USA is owned and operated by a team of top military leaders and private industry professionals, who bring over 50 years of combined experience as Subject Matter Experts in the fields of Healthcare, Logistics & Contracting, Marketing & Sales, Engineering, Inventory Control & Management, and Customer Service.

If you are already in the federal sector, but you have struck out on government contracts and purchases, do not be discouraged. It is time to talk to the experienced consultants at SGMS USA.


Sales Consulting

We are experienced with government sales and can advise your salesforce through the many twists and turns of the government sales cycle. We can coach your team on best practices for setting up visits and facing a Clinical Product Review Committee (CPRC) evaluation.


Strategic Planning

  • Successful sales launches through thoughtful market strategy
  • Maximizing profits through a carefully designed pricing strategy
  • Optimization of marketing collateral through brand strategy